Bryce Objects

Two Lamps

The body for the lamp was created with Infini-D, the texture with a pict of wood grain, the terrain with an imported pict; the shades are boolean objects.

Trees at Sunset

Created a tree with TreePro, imported same into Infini-D, made a new trunk therein and imported both into Bryce, where I created a bark texture. I really like the way the bark on the foreground trunk turned out, though I do wish I had put a light source somewhere to illuminate the objects better.

Bronze Torso

The torso was a Poser2 figure which I imported into Bryce and deconstructed. Did many different renders, then combined things in Photoshop5. This too could have benefitted from another light source.

Jeweled Toad Skin

I created an interesting texture, and it kinda reminded me of a toad skin. I started to give it a tumorous growth, then changed that to crystals, trying to make an interesting jewel. I never quite succeeded in my aim, but it is still an odd looking object to be embedded in the toad skin. The Jeweled Toad Skin could be the basis for some sort of fairy tale...

First Surfer

The Surfer was created in Poser, the board and the seaside scene in Bryce. And then I played around with various renderings, doing mix and match, for a considerable time in Photoshop.

Abandoned Supports

The support structure was created in Ray Dream and imported into Bryce, where the object was given a textrue I created, it was then multiplied, the resultant objects arranged, a ground plane and sky and sun created, and then the whole lot was rendered.

Shot Heart

This was initially created for Valentine's Day some years ago. I've returned to it several times, making different hearts, different arrows, stretching it, and reformatting it for different purposes (I use a small version as my Favorites icon). Here's the current version.

Vernal Equinox

Another holiday creation, this one as a celebration for the Vernal Equinox. The golden egg, the cup and the table were created in Bryce, the lightening and the rest of the backdrop in Photoshop, using a third party plugin. I suppose I was thinking of the line from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: "Come fill the cup, and in the fire of Spring, the Winter garment of Repentence fling..."


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